Winter Delights 
Performed on December 11, 2011 - in Arlington, Virginia

Anna EunJoung Ko, piano; Eric Waters, guitar; Da'aga Bowman, flute; Nancy Hardy, cello;
Beth Schreiber & Carolyn Tate, percussion 
Soloists:  Kristine Gabster, Darlene Sellars, Phidese Song

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Greensleeves - Traditional, arr. Waters
Instrumental for guitar, cello, and flute.

Ocho Kandelikas (Ladino) - Jagoda, arr. Shumate
Little candles, little candles.  Beautiful Hanukkah is here; eight candles for me.
We will have many parties, with happiness and pleasure.

A la Nanita Nana (Spanish)- Traditional, arr. Henderson
The Child Jesus sleeps.  It is Christmas.  Blessed be.
Come kings and shepherds to the gate of Bethlehem.
Our Savior is here.  Come and adore Him, a babe in the manger.

Sifuni Leo! (Swahili) - Traditional, arr. Liebergen
He’s born today-o!  Emanuel. Alleluia.  Sing we noel!

Gesu Bambino (English & Korean) - Martens & Yon
When blossoms flowered amid the snows upon a winter night,
Was born the Child, the Christmas rose, the King of love and light.
The angels sang, the shepherds sang, the grateful earth rejoiced.
And at His blessed birth the stars, their exultation voiced.
O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.

Snowflakes - Houston, words based on a poem by Longfellow
Out of the bosom of the air, out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare, over the harvest fields forsaken,
Silent and soft and slow, descends the snow.  Descends the snow.

Go Tell It on the Mountain - Traditional, arr. Sjolund
Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere;
Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born!

Still, Still, Still (German) - Traditional Austrian carol, arr. Tillen
Quiet, quiet, quiet.  The Child wants to sleep.  The angels celebrate beautifully.
And sing their music by the manger.  Silent night, holy night.

A Christmas Jazz Trio - Arr. Weir

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town - Gillespie & Coots
You better watch out, you better not cry.  You better not pout, I’m tellin’ you why.
Santa Claus is comin’ to town.

O Christmas Tree - Traditional
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, you stand in verdant beauty.
Your boughs are green in summer’s glow and do not fade in winter’s snow.

Winter Wonderland - Smith & Bernard
Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’?  In the lane, snow is glistenin’.
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walkin’ in a winter wonderland.

Villancico (Spanish) - Traditional, arr. Trinkley
Little shepherds come, to Bethlehem we hurry, where the Child is born. 
To God’s own Son we journey.
  Hear our Christmas song, o blessed Virgin.

Hanerot Halalu (Hebrew) - Cohon, arr. Chass
Now we kindle the candles, remembering the days of old.
Lights full of mystery, lights full of history.
As each night we add one light, we add a prayer that freedom is for all.

Walk in the Light - Traditional, arr. Thomas
We’ll walk in the light, beautiful light, come where the dew drops of mercy shine bright.
Shine all around us by day and by night.  Jesus, the Light of the World.

Various Themes on ‘Fa-La-La’ - Traditional / Rossini / Strauss / Tchaikovsky, arr. Bridwell
Deck the halls with boughs of holly.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly.
Don we now our gay apparel.  Troll the ancient yuletide carol.
Fa-la-la-la-la – la-la-la-la.